US bound mail bomb carried on passenger jets

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US bound mail bomb carried on passenger jets

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More alarming details have emerged about the parcel bomb threat on the United States.

Qatar Airways has revealed that one of two devices sent from Yemen last week was carried on two of its passenger planes before being seized in Dubai.

It had been thought that both bombs had been transported using cargo planes.

Meanwhile, students at Yemen’s Sanaa University have been protesting over the arrest of a colleague suspected of being involved in the plot.

Officials say she was traced through a phone number she left with a freight company.

But her lawyer says she is not known to be politically active or have ties with any Islamic groups.

“From the information that we have Hanan al-Samawi is a victim of someone who used her cell phone number on the packages,” said Yemeni rights activist Abdel-Rahman Barman.

The bomb, planted inside a printer ink cartridge container, was filled with an industrial explosive called PETN – the same material used by the suspected bombmaker behind the foiled attempt to bring down a US airliner last Christmas.

US authorities say Isbrahim Hassan al-Asiri is also the prime suspect in the mail bomb plot against synagogues in Chicago.