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Obama calls for big turnout for midterm elections

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Obama calls for big turnout for midterm elections


Barack Obama has warned his fellow Democrats that a Republican victory in next week’s congressional elections could upend his agenda as he sought to rally supporters in a final campaign push.

“What I need this weekend is 20,000 doors knocked on by all the volunteers who are here today. You’re going to need to talk to folks everywhere you can and make sure that you describe to them the future that you see for this country,” he told a cheering crowd in at Temple University in Philadelphia.

Many of his front bench members, however, have been forced to defend security measures in the wake of the latest terrorist threat.

Homeland Security Security, Janet Napolitano, promised tough measures will continue to be taken.

“Al Qaeda in Yemen has been one of our focuses for the last few years, it continues to be. This particular plot does have the hallmarks of a AQAP plot, we will trace it to its ultimately source and we will be relentless in doing so,” she said.

Security forces in Yemen meanwhile say they have now arrested a woman thought to be involved in sending explosive packages to the United States.

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