US/UK bomb alerts ground cargo flights

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US/UK bomb alerts ground cargo flights

US/UK bomb alerts ground cargo flights
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Suspicious packages found on a number of UPS cargo planes in the US and UK are under investigation amid fears of an attempted terror attack, three days before the US midterm elections.

The alarm was raised at East Midlands Airport, near Nottingham, some one hundred and sixty kilometres north of the London.

Security officials there uncovered print toner cartidge containing wires and white powder at a distribution centre.

It was to be loaded onto a UPS plane for Chicago after arriving on a freight flight from Yemen.

There are conflicting reports as to whether this package contained explosives.

US intelligence officials believe the suspect packages were destined to be sent to synagogues in the Chicago area.

Jewish leaders in the city have been told to be on their guard.

The bomb scare prompted authorities on the other side of the Atlantic to scour several other planes belonging to UPS.

Two planes in Philadelphia that landed from Cologne, Germany, and the French capital of Paris were being investigated.

A third plane at New Jersey’s Newark Airport was given the all-clear after being swept for explosives.

Meanwhile, the New York Police Department said a suspect package had been taken from a UPS courier truck as a precaution.

Saudi secret service has sent a warning to Western government last week that there was a high risk of a forthcoming terror attack.