Hope running out in search for tsunami survivors

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Hope running out in search for tsunami survivors

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Rescue crews and relief workers are losing hope of finding survivors of the Indonesian tsunami.

The death toll has climbed to at least 370 people and leaving hundreds missing.

Authorities said many of them have been swept out to sea.

The three-metre wave roared through remote islands off Sumatra following a powerful earthquake on Monday.

It washed away homes and displaced thousands of people from more than twenty villages.

Indonesia is also dealing with another natural disaster.

The country’s most active volcano, Mount Merapi, erupted on Tuesday sending searing ash clouds into the air.

It has killed at least 33 people and injured 17, according to doctors in Central Java.

Among the dead was the volcano’s spiritual guardian, known only Mareedyan.

Appointed by a local sultan, many villagers saw him as a hero, believing him over official government warnings to evacuate the area.