Drug deaths in Mexican capital prompt protests

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Drug deaths in Mexican capital prompt protests

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There are fears Mexico’s spiralling drugs war may have reached the capital after six young men were gunned down in the city.

The deaths in Mexico City add to a spate of massacres across the country which have seen more than 50 people murdered in the space of a week.

Even though, crime is a major problem in the capital, suspected cartel killings of this type of are less common.

The shootings prompted hundreds of students to gather outside the Attorney General’s office in the city.

Many young people have been killed in the recent wave of drug fuelled violence and the protesters held slogans such as, ‘‘I don’t want to die’‘.

The activists accuse the government of failing to control the drug lords.

On Sunday, 14 youths were killed in the Mexican border city of Ciudad Juarez when gunmen sprayed bullets into a family party.

Elsewhere, in northern Mexico on Tuesday near the city of Monterrey, an entire police force quit in a provincial town after their station was attacked by armed men.