Outpouring of grief for Argentina's Nestor Kirchner

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Outpouring of grief for Argentina's Nestor Kirchner

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Many camped overnight to ensure their place in the long line of mourners waiting to pay tribute to Nestor Kirchner at Argentina’s presidential palace.

“After General Peron, he is the best president we ever had,” said housewife Estela Orellano, 56,

Argentina is in shock at the loss of Kirchner who many believed would run for the country’s leadership again in next year’s elections.

“He did a lot for the people, things that had never been done before,” said one woman who gave her name as Vera.

Even those unsure of the husband and wife team’s political record seem grief-stricken.

“Whether I am for or against a lot of the things they have done, I have great respect for them and what they are going through. It is awful and it is affecting all of us,” said Argentine Cecilia Padilla.

All national football matches have been suspended this weekend in tribute to Kirchner who oversaw Argentina’s recovery from an economic crisis.

“Nestor Kirchner forever, be strong Cristina,” said one poster displayed outside the palace.