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Massive recall by Nissan


Massive recall by Nissan


Japan’s Nissan has issued a recall for 2.14 million cars to fix a fault with the ignition system that could cause engine problems, including stalling.

The models involved are the Micra, known as the March in Japan, the Cube and about a dozen other vehicles.

It is Nissan’s third biggest recall ever.

The carmaker did not reveal what the cost of this would be or what effect it would have on profits.

But the fix is likely to be relatively cheap, as it is a quick and simple operation to replace the ignition relay.

The faulty vehicles were built in Japan, the US, Britain, Spain, China and Taiwan between August 2003 and July 2006.

Recalls involving large numbers of vehicles have become more common at big carmakers as they use common components across multiple models to save design and production costs.

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