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Egypt arrests 70 opposition members before vote

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Egypt arrests 70 opposition members before vote


Dozens of people from a outlawed opposition group have been arrested in Egypt for displaying electoral posters. Some 70 members of the Muslim brotherhood were detained as they began campaigning for forth- coming elections being held at the end of November.

The latest detentions follow a series of crackdowns against those seen to be opposed to President Hosni Mubarak’s ruling party, including many media outlets.

Last week, the country’s state TV shut down a dozen private channels and warned 20 others they faced a similar fate if they didn’t obey regulations.
Activists say the measures are aimed at stifling the opposition ahead of the crucial vote.

Euronews’ Cairo correspondent, Mohammed Elhamy said: ‘‘Freedom of expression and information is the latest conflict between opposition and human rights groups on the one hand and the government on the other. The battle grows as legislative elections approach. It also raises questions about the scale of democracy present in Egypt.’‘

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