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Naples waste offer rejected


Naples waste offer rejected

A new deal to solve a mounting rubbish crisis in Italy has been rejected.

Guido Bertolaso, the man sent by Rome to deal with the mess had offered to suspend the opening of a new waste dump near the city of Naples in an effort to end weeks of angry protests.

But that now appears to have been thrown back in his face after local leaders refused to accept the revised agreement.

In exchange for the suspension, Bertolaso had called for an end to clashes in Terzigno, the site of an existing tip and the town where a new one has been proposed.

‘‘We are stricken with cancer tumours. And then there is always that sickening smell 24 hours a day,’‘ one resident said.

Bertolaso had proposed that Terzigno’s existing dump to be used until it was full, with the rest of Naples’ festering rubbish being sent to an incinerator.

But the public health situation in Italy’s third city appears to be no nearer to being cleaned up.


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