Stranded British nuclear sub pulled free

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Stranded British nuclear sub pulled free

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It is the biggest and most expensive submarine the British have ever built but it appears there is not much in a name for HMS Astute.

The 1.4-billion-euro nuclear-powered vessel has been dubbed the most advanced in Her Majesty’s Royal Navy as it carries the latest stealth technology.

That was until it ran aground near the Isle of Skye, north-west Scotland during routine sea trials, only to be towed off the rocks by a lowly tugboat.

Navy spokesman Captain Karl Evans said: “The maritime environment is a challenging one and untoward incidents occur.”

‘We’ll look at this and learn any lessons that need to be learnt, but these submarines are built very robustly and we’ve every chance to hope that the damage from an incident of this nature will be minimal.”

HMS Astute was commissioned as part of a deal to build a fleet of four attack submarines.

Weighing 7,800 tonnes, the 100-metre long Astute only needs refuelling every twenty-five years and can store sufficient air to circumnavigate the globe without resurfacing.

The mammoth boat was named and launched by the Duchess of Cornwall in June 2007.