Obama hits the stump hard as midterms loom

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Obama hits the stump hard as midterms loom

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The Democrats are in real danger of losing control of the US Congress as the country’s midterm elections loom.

In response President Barack Obama is hitting the stump hard.

It is a gamble but Las Vagas is the perfect place for a flutter.

Obama is in town to help Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid who is trouble with the tea party.

The president ripped into his political foes:
“ Their policies resulted in the worst economic crisis since the 1930’s and they want to go back to the same set of policies. Does that make any sense to you? It would be one thing if they had gone away, gone off into the desert, you know their is a desert here they could have gone off into. They could have meditated and thought about-how did we screw up so bad.”

Wherever he goes Obama is calling on his core support to go out and vote on November 2.

Next stop for Obama is Minnesota where he will attend a college-campus rally in support of the local Democrat Mark Dayton.