Berlusconi acts on Naples garbage crisis

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Berlusconi acts on Naples garbage crisis

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The Italian Prime Minister has promised a swift end to a garbage crisis in Naples that has incensed residents.

Riot police have had to be called in to deal with protests near a waste dump in the town of Terzigno, which locals say is full and a public health hazard.

They are also angry at plans to build a new dump that would be one of the biggest in Europe.

Silvio Berlusconi has promised 14 million euros for the dump to be upgraded, adding “now we will deal with these urgent issues and thanks to our intervention, the problem will be solved within ten days.”

Residents say the dump is a blight on Trezigno, an otherwise picturesque town at the foot of Mount Vesuvius. Aside the smell, they say the waste has leaked into soil and water supplies and has led to higher rates of liver cancer.

“We’ll see what happens. We won’t give up, because we’re in the right. This national park is protected and there shouldn’t be a rubbish dump, and even worse a new one opening with four million tonnes of rubbish. We just want the law respected,” said one protest leader.

The blocked dump in Terzigno has meant garbage piling up in nearby Naples, Italy’s third largest city.

Chronic waste in Naples has long been a problem and is blamed on the involvement of organised crime in waste disposal, corruption and poor management.