Industrial action spreads in France

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Industrial action spreads in France

Industrial action spreads in France
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A wildcat blockade of Marseilles airport this morning which has now ended added more chaos to disruptions in transport in France.

It was just the latest flashpoint in the rolling strikes and blockades that have swept France since last week as unions and students protest against reforms to state pensions.

The protests have involved student riots in a dozen cities and forced France to make record fuel imports.

“For me it’s a catastrophe because I’m going to Ethiopia and I absolutely have to catch a plane at 7, so I must hurry and check in,” was one woman’s reaction. This man had more pithy opinions when quizzed by a journalist:

“Isn’t it wonderful, hooray for France, magnificient. They really know how to piss people off in this country…”

“Don’t you understand the striker’s concerns?”

“No, not at all, impossible, I’m sorry…”

Protestors have also been making themselves heard in Paris in front of parliament.
Today sees what should be the final day of the passage of the pension reforms through the upper house, the Senate, where the government has a comfortable majority.

There was also a report today of blockades beginning at at least one supermarket distribution hub, which could hit food supplies.