Another big recall for Toyota

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Another big recall for Toyota

Another big recall for Toyota
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More costly troubles for the world’s biggest carmaker.

Toyota has said it will have to carry out repairs on 1.53 million of its vehicles worldwide.

The Toyota Avelon and other models – including some in its high-end Lexus range – have problems with the seal on the brake master cylinder or wiring for their fuel pumps.

Most of the vehicles that are to be recalled are in the United States and Japan.

The announcement comes just weeks after a recall of 1.3 million Corolla and Matrix cars in north America to fix defective engine control modules that could cause them to stall.

Toyota has already recalled more than 10 million vehicles in the past year, mostly for unintended acceleration.

That has dented its reputation for quality and attracted intense scrutiny from US safety regulators.

A Toyota spokesman said the cars subject to repairs are sold worldwide, including in Europe, China, South America, Africa and Oceania.

The spokesman stressed no accidents were reported from the two defects.

He said Toyota does not disclose estimates for recall costs, and had no comment on whether the repairs would have any impact on its earnings.