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Fuel shortage fear amid French pension protests


Fuel shortage fear amid French pension protests

France is mired in yet another day of strikes after almost a week of disruption and protests aimed at derailing unpopular pension reform plans.

Air France has been forced to cancel some flights from Paris after runway technicians at Orly airport downed tools.

Oil refinery workers have shut down a fuel pipeline supplying the French capital. Transport ministry officials say Charles de Gaulle airport could run-out of fuel within days.

Police have dispersed blockades at fuel depots in the south of the country. All of France’s 12 refineries have shut down or reduced operations because of the strikes.

Crude imports have been blocked at the major ports of Le Havre, Marseille and near Nantes.

In Marseille rubbish has been piling-up in the narrow streets with refuse workers refusing to make their collections. Heaps of waste are proving to be both health and fire hazards as youths turn them into bonfires.

More demonstrations are planned for Tuesday.