Rescued miners start new lives as heroes

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Rescued miners start new lives as heroes

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In Chile the 33 rescued miners have begun their new lives as national heroes.

Five of them have already been discharged from hospital and more are likely to follow in quick succesion.

Television reporters clamoured to interview Bolivian miner Carlos Mamani as he emerged after getting a clean bill of health.

He said: “I’m very thankful to President Sebastian Pinera for having helped us and all the Chilean people who behaved so well in our rescue. Long live Chile. Long live Bolivia.”

Edison Pena was the twelfth survivor to be brought to the earth’s surface during the dramatic rescue operation. He spoke briefly to reporters as he arrived home.

“All the prayers from everyone – especially those for me – gave me the courage to go on and the authorities didn’t wait around or sleep as we awaited rescue,” he said.

Pena says he is now planning a trip to Graceland the home of his hero the late Elvis Presley.

Chile has promised to care for the miners for at least another six months until doctors say, they can be sure each of the men has readjusted to normal life after their 69 days trapped underground.