Hitler exhibition seeks to set the right tone

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Hitler exhibition seeks to set the right tone

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The exhibition is not, the curators say, a study of Hitler’s personality, still less a collection of Nazi memorabilia.

“Hitler and the Germans” has been described as a brave taboo-breaking study of the German society that enabled Hitler’s rise, kept him in power, and struggled to deal with his legacy after he fell.

On display in Berlin, it seeks to avoid providing a focus for some people’s obsession with Nazism.

“It is a courageous exhibition in that until today, Hitler is being associated with this disgusting fascination. That’s exactly where the danger is for exhibitions and exhibitors,” said museum curator and historian Simone Erpel.

Asked whether the exhibition might lure neo-Nazis, the curators replied “those sort of people don’t go to museums”.

From exposing the horrors of the past, to some of the more recent humorous portrayals, how to deal with Hitler remains a delicate subject in Germany.

The exhibition coincides with a survey published this week, which suggests that militant right-wing views are on the rise in Germany.

More than 10 percent of people said they would deem Hitler a great statesman were it not for the Holocaust.