European car sales down again

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European car sales down again

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European car sales fell for the sixth straight month in September. They were down by 9.6 percent from the same month last year.

ACEA, the regional carmakers’ association, said demand continues to suffer with the end of scrappage schemes and as the uneven economic recovery impacts consumer confidence.

All major markets contracted, with Spain the worst affected, suffering a twenty seven percent slump.

There was an 8.2 percent dip in France and an 18.9 percent fall in Italy as this year’s figures are compared to the strong sales seen last year when many scrapping schemes were still in force.

Germany, Europe’s largest car market, whose scrappage programme ran out at the beginning of September last year, saw a 17.8 percent decline.

Across Europe, in the first three quarters of the year new car sales fell 4.3 percent in the EU, ACEA said.

Volkswagen group sales fell five percent year-on-year in September, PSA Peugeot Citroen sales fell 7.3 percent.

Ford sales showed a 20.1 percent drop and Toyota sales fell 21.3 percent, ACEA said.

Daimler group sales were up 6.5 percent and Mitsubishi enjoyed a 38.4 percent increase.