Miners in rude health for now

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Miners in rude health for now

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Authorities claim the 33 rescued miners are in better physical and mental health than expected after their 69 day ordeal.

Still, medics believe the full effect of the trauma they endured may only come to light in the coming months.

Survival specialists say the men may experience flashbacks, nightmares and depression down the line.

Chilean Health Minister Jaime Manalich praised the men’s strength:

“If they were able to survive by themselves all this time and come out like this , we must understand that they are really in a good condition.”

The mine proved a harsh environment, dark, hot and humid and the rescued men are expected to suffer eye problems.

The miners are due to spend the next 48 hours under observation in hospital and a further six months counselling to try and avert any cases of post-traumatic stress disorder.