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Chile: political fallout on the horizon

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Chile: political fallout on the horizon


As the rescue of the Chilean miners continued, the second man up, Mario Sepulveda, amazed rescuers by appearing to be in perfect physical and metal health. 

Nevertheless, like all the others, he was taken to hospital for health checks and quiet time with his family. 

Laughing, he hugged loved ones, and cracked jokes with the waiting crowd. He had brought a bag of rocks to the surface with him, and gave them out to rescuers as souvenirs.  
It was not long however, before Sepulveda was talking to reporters and  fired a warning shot at the authorities over working conditions in Chile.

He said: “I was between God and the Devil.  Both of them wanted to get me but God won. Me, I took God’s hand – it’s the best one. I always had faith in the professionals of Chile and our creator, God. I think that this country has to understand once and for all that we have to change the way we work.  The working world needs lots of changes.  We, the miners, we won’t let it rest.”
As the rescue operation continues and for many, the long wait continues. The long-term effects of the drama on the miners is hard to estimate, but it seems that the political effects could be the most far reaching.

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