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Pinera shows support for mine rescue

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Pinera shows support for mine rescue


Chile’s President Sebastian Pinera arrived as the San Jose mine shortly before the rescue operation got under way.
The leader has maintained a hands on approach to the accident, insisting on being kept informed at every stage of the mission. He has even postponed  a trip to Europe to show solidarity with the entombed men and their relatives.
President Pinera addressed reporters saying: “When a country is faced with such difficulties it once again shows t hat with tragedies like this  it brings out the best in our country. It shows the real character of our people and we hope , with the help of God that we can bring this sad episode to a happy conclusion.”
Bolivia’s President Evo Moralas was also due at the site as one of the trapped men is Bolivian. It’s been reported once rescued, the miner could be flown home on the Bolivian presidential jet.

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