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Rescue of Chilean miners poised to begin

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Rescue of Chilean miners poised to begin


Leaving nothing to chance, the testing of the rescue capsule which will bring Chile’s trapped miners back to the surface has been successfully carried out.

The men will have to endure a harrowing claustrophobic journey for about twenty minutes as they are hoisted the 700 metres to freedom.

The drill that reached the 33 men on Saturday has now left the site – a job well done – now it is up to the engineers to manipulate the hoist mechanism once the rescue mission begins.

Chile’s government expects everything will be in place by midnight local time on Tuesday night.

Chilean President Sebastian Pinera said:
“It’s truly going to be a rebirth, not just for the 33 miners but also the spirit of unity, strength, faith and hope that the miner’s have transmitted to our country and to the entire world.”

After weeks of prayers the countdown to reunions has begun. Once freed the men will be given initial medical checks in the company of their families and then they will be flown to a hospital in nearby Copiapo which is already standing by.

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