Kyrgyzstan back on the road to democracy

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Kyrgyzstan back on the road to democracy

Kyrgyzstan back on the road to democracy
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Kyrgyzstan has a new democratically elected parliament after Sunday’s landmark election.

It brings an end to the autocratic rule which has dominated the state’s post-Soviet politics.

The country looks set to be governed by coalition after five parties passed the five per cent threshold required to gain seats in the new administration.

On the streets of the capital Bishkek people want a different form of government.

“The most important question is when will life get better. The regimes of the past just haven’t worked,” said one resident.

“I want them to take care of people, that’s all,” said another.

The question now is which parties will agree to work together amid fears that more violence is likely if the political factions fail to find a common agenda.

Kyrgysztan’s recent history has been marred by turmoil. Interim President Roza Otunbayeva came to power after the previous president Kumanbek Bakiyev was ousted from power in April.

In June as many as 400 people died in inter-ethnic violence in the southern city of Osh.

Five years ago Bakiyev took office after his predecessor was kicked out by protesters.

Authorities claim the vote passed off peacefully.