Immigration comments land Seehofer in hot water

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Immigration comments land Seehofer in hot water

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Germany’s immigration debate rumbles on after Horst Seehofer the Bavarian state premier said the country should block any more migrants from “alien cultures” such as Turks or Arabs.

His comments have caused uproar, with Turkish groups and German politicians expressing their dismay over his proposals.

Seehofer is in no mood to apologise:

“I also talked about the successes of integration in Bavaria, but I also asked the question about those who refuse to integrate.”

Opposition parties such as the Greens and centre-left Social Democrats accused Seehofer of pandering to right-wing populism.

Cem Özdemir is the Green Party co-leader:

“I am surprised that Seehofer is such an immigration expert. In Germany there are two topics with 83 million experts, football and integration. The German team offered its argument with Mesut Özil’s goal in the euro qualification match at the weekend.”

The player is of Turkish origin.

In September Bundesbank board member Thilo Sarrazin lost his job after he claimed that Islamic culture was to blame for the poor integration of Muslims in Germany.