Greek policeman jailed for murder of teenager

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Greek policeman jailed for murder of teenager

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A policeman has been jailed for life in Greece after being convicted of murdering a teenager.

The killing after an altercation in a suburb of Athens in 2008 sparked riots across the country.

Family members turned up in court to hear the verdicts.

A second officer convicted of being an accomplice has been jailed for 10 years.

Judges heard how 15-year-old Alexandros Grigoropulos was shot by an officer out on night patrol. A verbal altercation with a group of youths is said to have taken place.

The policeman’s lawyers tried to argue that the death was the result of a ricohet from the firing of a warning shot.

One man outside the court said: “Another policeman who’d been sentenced for the murder of a youngster was freed, freed despite it being a murder. Today’s verdict happened because of the public outcry. I believe it was a good decision.”

The teenager’s death led to some of the worst civil unrest in Greece for decades.

The riots went on for two weeks, with the torching and looting of cars and buildings.