Toxic spill: A village destroyed

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Toxic spill: A village destroyed

Toxic spill: A village destroyed
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Three days after red toxic sludge spilled from an aluminium plant, Hungary is counting the environmental and human cost of the disaster.

At least four people died as a flood of chemicals rushed through homes and villages

Many hundreds are still receiving treatment for burns and eye injuries.

Environmentalists say the aftermath of of the catastrophe is immense.

Balazs Tomory from Hungarian Greenpeace says some areas around the spill “could look like the planet Mars for years.”

He added, “no flora or fauna will be present and the big question now is the dust. If this mud gets dry the wind can transport heavy metals.”

The village of Kolantar, close to the plant, was one of the worst hit by the accident

Thick mud covers every house and hundreds of homes have been destroyed.

Furniture is coated with a combination of heavy metals and chemicals and families have been left homeless.

The whole town is now uninhabitable.

The impact of this disaster will be felt for many years to come.