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Investigation launched into Hungary's toxic flood


Investigation launched into Hungary's toxic flood

Hungary has launched a criminal investigation into the industrial toxic mud spill from a ruptured chemical reservoir, south west of Budapest.

At least four people have died and hundreds have had to be evacuated after their homes were engulfed on Monday with the waste product sludge from an aluminium plant.

Production at the Ajka site has been stopped until further notice.

In the worst hit town of Kolontar locals are trying to initiate a joint legal action for compensation.

The mayor Of Kolontar, Karoly Tili said:
“So we were sitting on a time bomb that has now exploded.Those responsible will be brought to justice mercilessly. No one can do such a thing without punishment.”

The European Union has urged emergency authorities to prevent the contaminated slurry from reaching the Danube River which is a source of drinking water for five countries down stream.

Fears are growing over the toxicity of the red slick and ph measurements have already shown it has a dangerously high alkaline value.