Hungarian toxic sludge reaches Danube

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Hungarian toxic sludge reaches Danube

Hungarian toxic sludge reaches Danube
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As the clean up continues in Hungary – toxic red sludge from an aluminium plant spill has now reached the River Danube.

Disaster crews are also continuing their search for 3 missing people near the site of the accident in Ajka.

Sludge in the larger River Danube poses the risk of infecting rivers in 6 other countries.

Environmentalists had hoped to deal with the chemical contamination locally in smaller rivers.

Visiting the scene of the catastrophe Hungary’s Prime Minister promised to set up a fund to help victims of the disaster.

Viktor Orban told reporters what he had seen was “terrible, simply terrible.”

“This is the first kind of ecological tragedy that’s ever happened in Hungary so the people are desperate,” he said. “There is no trust at all.”

Crews are now battling to reduce the alkalinity of the affected rivers to prevent further harm to wildlife.

Many fish have already died in smaller rivers.

Environmentalists now hope to avert further disaster in the Danube.