France warns citizens to be wary of travel to Britain

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France warns citizens to be wary of travel to Britain

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France has warned its citizens travelling to Britain to be on their guard amid fears that the British transport system and tourist sites are prime terrorist targets.

The French government liaised with authorities in the UK and decided the threat was real and issued the warning on that basis.

One Frenchwoman travelling to London said:

“I don’t know if I am going to take any particular security measures, I might look around a little bit more, but I will keep my fingers crossed .”

In Germany officials are trying to clam nerves, saying too much talk of the potential risks will stir up fear.

Western intelligence sources have revealed that small teams of militants based in Europe plan to seize and kill hostages.

Gilles de Kerchove is the EU counter-terrorism coordinator:

“We know that the terrorists- and especially Al Qaeda – still want to commit a massive attack and as this has been correctly explained in media, this is even more true as the pressure grows in al Qaeda’s heartland between Afghanistan and Pakistan because of the drone attacks.”

Many militants and civilians have been killed in such raids in North West Pakistan and anger there is growing.