Europe on-edge after reports of planned terror attacks

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Europe on-edge after reports of planned terror attacks

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Europe remains on edge, despite police crack-downs on groups suspected of links to terrorist organisations.

A series of arrests in the south of France yesterday came after a flurry of media reports about an alleged al-Qaeda plot for co-ordinated attacks on the continent.

Last Sunday, the US issued an alert for its citizens travelling or living in Europe. The UK also raised its threat level from “general” to “high” for those in France and Germany.

“The Americans are very nervous about anything that is related to potential plots within Europe or America itself and they have a tendency to intervene much earlier than european security authorities, who have perhaps have a tendency to want to wait a little bit longer and let the plot develop and perhaps lead to other suspects that could be interesting and useful to find out about.” said security expert Peter Neumann from King’s College, London.

US media say Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate, the Alexanderplatz and main train station are possible targets.

Last night the French government warned that their counterparts in the UK considered a terrorist attack on public transport or at tourist sites “highly likely”.

Despite the heightened fears, Berlin’s Interior Minister says there are no indications that an attack is imminent.

In Pakistan, a drone strike killed a British man said to have ties with the would-be Times Square bomber.

Officials say Abdul Jabbar was in the process of setting up a branch of the Taliban in the UK.