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Costly clean up after Hungary's toxic sludge spill

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Costly clean up after Hungary's toxic sludge spill


Authorities in Hungary say the clean up operation from the industrial toxic mud spill will cost millions of euros and take up to one year to cleanse.

The sludge, a bi-product from the production of aluminium, has already claimed the lives of four people and emergency services are in a desperate battle to halt the sludge before it contaminates the River Danube.

Hungary has declared a state of emergency in three counties with at least seven villages and towns swamped by the toxic sludge.

Many people have been suffering from burns and eye irritations as a result of the corrosive elements in the mud.

Reports suggest that as many as 7,000 people have been directly affected by the waste.

The sludge broke free when a dam at the alumina plant burst after days of torrential rain.

Investigators are probing the possibility that the`ecological catastrophe’ was caused by human error.

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