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Vehicles of the Future


Vehicles of the Future

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British car designer Gordon Murray is best known for designing the McLaren F1 racing car. But now he’s turned his attention to micro-vehicles tailor-made for town driving. The revolutionary T25 uses a new assembly process known as i-stream which simplifies manufacturing, reduces the size of factories and cuts carbon dixoxide emissions.

The outer skin of this micro vehicle is made of recyled plastic. But the real strength lies in the chasis, thanks to construction methods normally found on a racetrack.

Another revolution is that the driver sits in the middle of the car. The single door design means it is possible to get in and out even when the vehicle is parked right beside another car. In fact it’s possible to park two T25s in one single garage.

The Chinese capital Beijing suffers from some of the worst traffic congestion in the world. So developers are working on this giant elevated bus, which runs on both electricty and solar power. The bus has places for about 1,400 people, but travels on rails, straddling two lanes of traffic. It will be trialled in the coming months.

And finally here in Bangalore, in India, designers have come up with an environmentally-friendly bicycle made out of bamboo. Each Bambike saves more than 3 kilos of metal.

So hi-tech or low-tech the vehicles of the future are coming soon.

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