Izetbegovic's son wins Bosnian presidential seat

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Izetbegovic's son wins Bosnian presidential seat

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The son of a wartime leader is set to become one of Bosnia’s three presidents after voters backed Bakir Izetbegovic for the Muslim seat in the country’s tripartite presidential poll.

Izetbegovic says he’s ready to work with the other ethic groups. “ We are going, in my opinion, to stabilise the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina and to bring better future to citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina which means peace, better conditions for development of the economy,” said Izetbegovic.

Since the Dayton agreement which ended the war in the mid 1990s, voters from the Bosnian Muslim, Serb and Croat communities elect their own candidates for the joint presidency.

Social Democrat Zeljko Komsic garnered over 50 per cent in his bid to retain the Croat seat while Nebojsa Radmanovic appears to have kept the Serbian job.

Political reforms, in particular a centralisation of government are required by the EU as a key condition for any possible future membership of the bloc.