Brazil faces presidential runoff

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Brazil faces presidential runoff

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Brazil faces a presidential runoff after ruling party candidate Dilma Rouseff failed to claim the 50 per cent of the vote required for overall victory.

President Lula’s former cabinet chief came out ahead in the poll, but lost votes after a late surge by Green Party candidate Marina Silva.

Despite the disappointment the Workers Party candidate is confident of victory:

“I will face this second round with a lot of strength and energy. During the second round, I will have the opportunity to further detail my proposals, present my projects to eradicate misery and develop the country.”

The runoff set for October 31 will see Rouseff take on centre-left candidate Jose Serra, the former Sao Paulo state governor.

Serra’s popularity received a boost after corruption allegations emerged against an aid of Rouseff.

Despite that Rouseff is still expected to take victory on the back of Brazil’s booming economy and the popularity of President Lula da Silva.

All eyes will now turn to Marina Silva and her 19 per cent of votes, which will make the difference between victory and defeat.

Rouseff wants to improve the country’s infrastructure as Brazil prepares to host the football World Cup in 2014 and the Olympics two years later.