Bosnia set for more ethnic deadlock after election

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Bosnia set for more ethnic deadlock after election

Bosnia set for more ethnic deadlock after election
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Bosnia looks set for more political deadlock drawn along ethnic lines following the weekend’s election for the tripartite presidency.

The Serb Republic voted in droves for incumbent Nebojsa Radmanovic the candidate of Milorad Dodik’s Independent Social Democrats.

The party advocates secession from Bosnia and the election of Radmanovic gives little hope of a national coalition anytime soon.

Bakir Izetbegovic looks set to become one of Bosnia’s three presidents.

The son of Bosnia’s wartime leader Alija Izetbegovic will represent the country’s Muslim community on a ticket to heal the deep ethnic divisions that still blight the country 15 years after the Bosnian war.

The newly elected Izetbegovic outlined his agenda:
“I expect us to, to create a better political atmosphere in Bosnia and Herzegovina, to make reforms which will make this state a functional state. To remove some blockades and actually to offer the future, the better future for the nation.”

Any progress for the future will depend on diametrically opposed politicians working together something analysts believe will hamper the formation of a national coalition.

Zeljko Komsic claimed the Croat seat at the presidency table

He is expected to work with Izetbegovic towards a multi-ethnic Bosnia.

The west has a close eye on events to see if Bosnia will move closer to the EU and Nato or remain a country marked by corruption, bickering politicians and the threat of ethnic violence.