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  • Vladimir Putin: “Russia to reamin open market economy. Russia will not impose restriction on cross-border capital, currency movements”
  • Air strikes by Iraqi government forces have caused “significiant civilian deaths and injuries” – UN
  • Ukrainian World Bank Chief representative sees ukrainian economy shrinking by 8% in 2014 versus previous outlook of 5% contraction
  • Militants take control of most of western Iraqi town of Hit – Security Sources and medics in Reuters





  • Vehicles of the Future

    British car designer Gordon Murray is best known for designing the McLaren F1 racing car. But now… 04/10/10 20:45 CET


le mag

  • New Seal album out now

    Seal has just released his latest album “Seal 6: Commitment” and the first single off the album is… 04/10/10 19:57 CET

  • Vienna 1900 Under the Spotlight

    The Foundation Beyeler has opened a new exhibition in Switzerland. The theme is contemporary art… 04/10/10 19:57 CET

  • Andre Kertesz Photos on Show

    Some 300 original prints of Hungarian photographer Andre Kertesz have just gone on show in Paris… 04/10/10 19:57 CET

questions for europe

  • Supporting European tourism

    Tourism in Europe is already a big earner. How does Brussels plan to boost that further? 04/10/10 20:45 CET

  • European financial supervision

    Having learned lessons from the global economic crisis, Europe is following the US in improving its… 04/10/10 20:45 CET

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