New technology at the Paris Motor Show

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New technology at the Paris Motor Show

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Around 100 of the world’s newest vehicles are getting their first outing at the Paris Motor Show, which has just got under way.

Among the highlights of this year’s event are the first genuine 100 per cent electric cars, boasting zero CO2 emissions. For example there’s Peugeot’s Ion: small, easy to use and with a 150-kilometer battery life.

“It’s a car that’s even easier to drive than an automatic,” says Peugeot Project Manager, Philippe Barriac. “There’s an accelerator pedal, a steering wheel, a brake pedal and that’s it. No gears and no gear stick.”

But it comes at a cost. The Ion costs 35,000 euros or 500 euros per month to rent. Experts also point out that it is not always easy to recharge.

Laurent Meillaud, is a specialist in motoring technology. He said: “Everything changes with an electric car. It’s not simply a battery and an electric motor. You need to install sockets. You need to learn how to drive it, because the battery life is purely theoretical. And obviously if you turn on the heating or the air-conditionning, you lose on the battery life.”

Other attractions include hybrid motor cars, even the first electric-diesel hybrid.

There is what is known as ‘downsizing’, which refers to smaller engines that are more powerful and less polluting.

At the Paris Motor Show you get the the chance to look at ‘dream cars’ as well. On display is the exclusive Lamborghini prototype, Il Sesto Elemento. It weighs in at 999 kilos and is made almost completely from carbon fibre. The car has 570 horse-power and goes from 0 to 100 kmh in just 2.5 seconds.