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Debate over "sky high heels" after catwalk fall

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Debate over "sky high heels" after catwalk fall


A disaster on a catwalk at the London Fashion Week has sparked debate about the safety of wearing high heels measuring up to 20 centimetres.

Known as towering heels or sky high heels, they are becoming more popular, thanks in part to fashion shows and photo shoots.

One woman on the streets of London said: “You can’t work forever in them. Like that’s just a fact, you know, how great you are in heels. You can’t walk forever in them because they do hurt after a while.”

Another woman was asked how it felt wearing them. “Nothing too bad,” she said. “Just sorted of twisted my ankle a bit.”

The growing popularity of even higher heels is worrying doctors, and osteopaths warns that the whole body can suffer.

Simon Chafer from the London School of Osteopathy said: “In a five-inch high heel (20.3 centimetres), over a 70 per cent increase in pressure can occur at this joint, that can be quite painful and it doesn’t just stop there, this compensation continues all the way through the leg. First of all the ankle, the foot in this position is very unstable, puts a lot of stress on the ligaments, particularly the ligaments on the outside of the foot, which you strain and sprain when you go over and sprain your ankle.”

But commentators say if the catwalks at London Fashion Week are anything to go by, the sky high heels look like they are here to stay.

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