12 women and children killed in Iran bombing

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12 women and children killed in Iran bombing

12 women and children killed in Iran bombing
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A deadly bomb attack has struck a military parade in Iran.

At least 12 women and children are dead and 60 others wounded.

The event was being held to mark the 30th anniversary of the Iran-Iraq war.

“We were just standing there and suddenly a bomb exploded,” said one victim. “We all ran away. When I wanted to move, I noticed I couldn’t move my legs.”

“A lot of people were injured and killed, a lot of children,” said another victim. “The bomb exploded right next to me.”

The attack happened in the West Azerbaijan region, in the city of Mahabad, which has a mostly Kurdish population.

“The source of this incident is foreign,” said the regional governor, Vahid Jalalzadeh. “Unfortunately Americans and their allies are present in the region and from the day that they came with their security slogan, we witnessed a spread of instability. Their support for counter-revolutionaries, hypocrites and terrorist groups in the region has been clearly proven.”

Authorities say the bomb had a timer device and had been left in a tree before the parade started.

No casualties were reported among soldiers or dignitaries attending the event.

It was one of several parades held across Iran today.