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France on full terror alert after foiling bomb plot

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France on full terror alert after foiling bomb plot


France is on full terror alert after security services say they received a tip-off about a possible suicide bomb plot.

Parts of Paris’ transport network and the city’s iconic Eiffel Tower are thought to have been among the prime targets of an unknown female attacker sometime last week.

Security has been ramped up in the capital with one expert saying the threat is credible.

French security expert Roland Jacquard said: ‘‘It really is a serious threat. It’s not just conversations on internet forums but extremely precise information about groups which have received instructions to position themselves in order to hit European targets and France in particular for various reasons.’‘

France’s Interior Minister, Brice Hortefeux, also confirmed the threat was real, calling for renewed vigilance. But he refused to say whether authorities were looking for a would-be female suicide bomber.

At the weekend, the head of France’s internal intelligence service warned the risk of a terrorist attack on French soil had never been higher, saying the country’s recent Burka ban had seriously increased the danger.

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