Far-right hoping for inroads in Swedish vote

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Far-right hoping for inroads in Swedish vote

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Swedes head to the polls this weekend with all eyes on the country’s far right.

Led by Jimmie Akesson the anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats are looking to win their first seats in parliament.

A strong showing by the party could create political chaos with a hung parliament.

But polls suggest current Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, who has refused to work with them, is set to win a new majority.

‘‘Well, first of all, we are within reach to actually end with a majority government once again coming Sunday evening. That is what we are trying to push for. Let us await the decision of the Swedish people. We have always said that we will not rely on a populist party which is xenophobic,’‘ Reinfeldt said.

The Scandinavian state’s Social Democrat opposition have also ruled out working with the far-right if no sure winner emerges come Sunday.

‘‘Politically I have been very clear on that, I would never, never ever, let them have any kind of influence over Swedish politics. Never. And on a personal level I would be very sad because I have been proud so far that Sweden has been one of the few countries in Europe who don’t have a xenophobic party in Parliament,’‘ said Mona Sahlin, leader of Social Democrats.

Analysts say a minority government would trigger a fall in the value of the Swedish currency.

The far-right has called for sharp cuts in immigration describing Islam as Sweden’s greatest foreign threat since World War II.