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attack erdogan

attack erdogan
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00 remains

Security officials in Turkey now say the explosion which turned this minibus full of villagers into a mangled wreck was caused by a roadside bomb.

08 cars, squabble, bits

At least ten people died here and three were wounded.

17 heli airlift

Military helicopters landed on a hillside nearby to ferry the injured to hospital.


The blast happened near the village of Gecitli on the borders of Iraq and Iran, the heartland of the pro-Kurdish separatists, the PKK.

23 SOT Erdo

“I curse the terrorists who were behind this blast. We are determined to continue the fight against terrorism and we will not be deterred.”

46 ambulance arrives, carry, screams, chaos

The injured were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

The PKK declared a ceasefire in August – it is not due to expire until the 20th of September.

A spokesman for the group has denied that the group’s military wing was behind this attack.

57 cops

In an interview earlier this week, one of the group’s leaders said it was prepared to accept autonomous status for the Kurdish region, along the lines of Catalonia’s in Spain.

59 end