Mexico parties to celebrate 200 years

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Mexico parties to celebrate 200 years

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It is Mexico’s bicentenary, 200 years since the country’s fight for independence from Spain and the Mexicans turned out in their thousands to celebrate.

In the capital there was a stunning party of dazzling light shows, fireworks and concerts.

And just before midnight the country’s president, Felipe Calderon gave the country’s famous cry of the call to arms.

“Viva, Mexico!” he called out three times and the crowd echoed his words.

The party reached a climax with fireworks lighting up the night sky.

Invasion, civil war and the current fight to subdue drug cartels have all been part of the country’s two centuries of history.

And the governments on going war against drug traffickers cast something of a shadow over the nation’s party. 14 municipalities had to call off their celebrations due to safety concerns.

In Mexico City it was pride in their history which was at the forefront of everyone’s thoughts.