UK awaits Papal visit

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UK awaits Papal visit

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The UK is preparing for the controversial visit of Pope Benedict XVI. Its the first Papal visit to Britian since 1982.

The Pope will hold large masses in Glasgow, Birmingham and London but his state visit has attracted criticism.

Many in the UK are strongly opposed to the Vatican’s stance on birth control, gay rights and abortion and are angry at its slow response to recent scandals involving paedophile priests.

During his stay the Pope will meet key British Bishops as well as the Head of the Anglican Church, the Archbishop of Canterbury.

The beatification of Cardinal John Henry Newman will be the centrepiece of the visit.

Newman tried to move the Anglican Church closer to the Catholicism in the 19th century and is highly controversial.

The visit is expecting to cost over 24 million euros with half the costs met by the taxpayer.

Opinion polls show most Britons are opposed to that.