Security stepped up for Afghan election

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Security stepped up for Afghan election

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In Kabul and across Afghanistan, security has been beefed up ahead of Saturday’s parliamentary election.

The Taliban aimed to disrupt voting in 2005 and last year and has once again issued threats.

Poor security and fraud are major concerns ahead of the polls which the Taliban have vowed to disrupt by hitting foreign troops and then Afghan targets.

The parliamentary vote is seen as an important test of stability in the country.

Increased security is aimed a limiting potential problems as Defence Ministry Spokesman, Zahir Azimy explained.

“The NATO forces along with our troops providing security for this election number 150,000. That is much larger than in the previous presidential election,” he said.

As a reminder of what the peacekeepers face, there were more anti-USA protests on Wednesday in which some reports say three people were killed. Protesters chanted death to Karzai, referring to their president.

Riot police fired into the air while several Muslim clerics called for the fall of the Afghan government.

Over 2,000 candidates are chasing 249 seats in Saturday’s crucial voting.