Rival protests over New York Islamic centre

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Rival protests over New York Islamic centre

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Shortly after the commemorations to mark the 9/11 attacks rival demonstrations were held in New York over plans to build an Islamic cultural centre.

Hundreds of anti-mosque activists rallied a few blocks from Ground Zero against the proposed project, including controversial Dutch politician Geert Wilders.

For many, it is the sites proximity which is the problem.

“There are already 100 mosques in New York. It is not about not building a mosque, it is about being sensitive to what happened here,” one protester said.

Not far away, a competing protest was held. For some supporters of the Islamic cultural centre the objections are simply part of a hate campaign against Muslims.

“What I hope to accomplish is to get, to send a message not only across the US but to the world, that people are denouncing the bigotry and hatred that has been experienced by Muslims throughout this country,” said one woman.

Despite passions running high, the protests passed off peacefully.