Afghan killed at protest against Koran burning

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Afghan killed at protest against Koran burning

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A threat to hold a Koran-burning ceremony in the US appears to be on hold, but that has not stopped growing demonstrations in the Muslim world.

Afghanistan is one of the country’s where thousands have turned out to protest against the plan dreamed up by an obscure US pastor.

One person has been shot dead at a protest in northern Afghanistan; and some demonstrators in Jalalabad says they will now be boycotting upcoming parliamentary elections.

The Afghan President has echoed world leaders who say the burning ceremony should not go ahead.

“The Koran is in the hearts and minds of all one and a half billion Muslims,” he said. “An attack against the holy book equals humiliation for the people.”

The pastor at the centre of the storm wanted to protest against the building of a Muslim centre and mosque near the site of 9/11. That is on hold, though, after a meeting was set up with the centre’s Imam.

Pastor Terry Jones said: “Right now we plan to meet with the Imam on Saturday. If we meet with him, we will not burn the Korans.”

Sponsors of the New York centre deny they have agreed to move it. This amid growing debate about the attention one extremist pastor has managed to attract from the media and world leaders.