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Vallanzasca, from Italian director Michele Placido, is showing out of competition at the Venice Film Festival. It is a biopic about one of Italy’s most notorious criminals, Renato Vallanzasca, who is currently serving four life sentences for a series of murders and robberies.

Director Michele Placido told a press conference that he wasn’t interested in judging people: “Vallanzasca did commit crimes, he was a criminal, he is paying for it, possibly one of the few to do so, he is still in prison. But we know very well there are people in the parliament who have done even worse than Vallanzasca.”

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American director John Turturro is also showing his new film out of competition at the festival. Passione is a musical travelogue about Naples, featuring the city’s inhabitants and their music.

John Turturro said: “It was an adventure doing it, making it. It’s not a documentary, it’s a musical adventure. Many of the songs, we did them live, some we did playback. But it’s a crazy, diverse city; it’s beautiful, it’s dangerous, it’s sexy… What I wanted to do is make something entertaining that can travel and tell the story about Naples through its music, not through talking about it.”

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