3D on display at IFA in Berlin

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3D on display at IFA in Berlin

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2010 marks the 50th edition of the IFA, the largest European trade show for consumer electronics and domestic appliances.

Around 1,500 exhibitors showcased their latest gadgets to 230,000 visitors in Berlin.

euronews reporter Claudio Rocco sets the scene:

“Here at the IFA in Berlin, 50 percent of the screens on display are three dimensional. 3D is everywhere, TV sets, computers and videogames.”

A prototype 3D TV by Toshiba is controlled by gesture recognition. An infrared camera recognises certain movements and one can change channel and volume without touching the device.

Panasonic has introduced what they believe is the world’s first 3D camcorder. With two lenses, the camera records pictures from two different angles to give the 3D effect.

Sony presented a prototype of a 3D laptop, but kept most of the technical details to themselves, suffice to say perched on the end of the nose, the obligatory glasses.

Samsung came in with their Galaxy tablet PC, many believe this is the true rival of the IPad. This thin tablet weighs 380 grammes with an 18 cm touch screen, roughly three times bigger than an Apple IPhone, but a third smaller than the IPad. It can also be used as a phone using a normal SIM card.

And of course for the kids at the show it was all tremendous fun in glorious 3D.