Mixed emotions over fresh peace talks

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Mixed emotions over fresh peace talks

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There is an undeniable feeling of deja-vu expressed in Israel’s newspapers over the renewed peace process.

The talks have been widely welcomed by many in Jerusalem but few in the region are expecting things to change rapidly.

“Handshakes are always important and they are very symbolic, but what’s important is that each side is prepared to make some kind of a lasting sacrifice for a lasting peace,” said one resident.

“Peace is something very important for our future and I hope that the Palestinians will understand that because there are some problems with them,” added another.

Those sentiments were shared in Bethlehem by some Palestinians who feel the Israelis will block an eventual deal.

“I think it’s a good step forward towards peace but I don’t think the Israelis are ready to give up anything,” said one.

Highlighting the difficulties facing the peace process, the Palestinian militant group Hamas has joined forces with several others to launch what it calls “more effective attacks” against Israel.

In response the Palestinian Authority has rounded up some 250 suspected militants.